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Отворила съм тема на беседата на страницата на потребителската група в Мета m:Talk:Wikimedians of Bulgaria Избор на представители за Wikimedia Conference за две седмици за номинации 2—15 декември и две седмици за гласуване 16—29 декември. For Chrome, the feature will use the native Android print functionality.

The ULS provides a flexible way to configure and deliver language settings like interface language, fonts, and input methods keyboard mappings.

Apologies for writing in English. I apologize for this message being only in English. What do we want to build or achieve together over the next 15 years? MediaWiki message delivery беседа , 11 април UTC. More information about this role can be found at the FDC elections page. This digital video standard is used widely around the world to record, edit and watch videos on mobile phones, desktop computers and home video devices.

The schedule is: April 1st : non-Wikipedia projects will see this change live April 3rd : Wikipedias will see this change live This change is very similar to sam i ket na srpskom "Typography Update" Beta Feature that has been available on Wikimedia projects since November They will post any changes on that schedule.

Phase 1 will last for 2 weeks. Гласуването на допустимите гласоподаватели започна в изборите през г. Благодаря, please report problems at our defect tracker site, 11 януари UTC.

An exemplary banner and an explanatory page have now been prepared, and translated into about half a dozen languages by volunteer translators. Thank you.

С глобален консенсус на общността , през г. This test was originally planned to take place on March Thank you. Any help pages or other basic documentation about how to edit pages will also need to be updated, on-wiki and elsewhere. Beyond that, the goal is to make all the wikis and languages more consistent, and some wikis made this change many years ago.

New print to pdf feature for mobile web readers The Readers web team will be deploying a new feature this week to make it easier to download PDF versions of articles on the mobile website.

The Wikimedia Foundation will be testing its secondary data centre.

  • Фондацията Уикимедия управлява многобройни различни проекти като Уикипедия и Общомедия.
  • Наскоро също така, глобални филтри за злоупотреба са активирани на " средни по размер уикита ". The feature enhances the search page through an advanced parameters form and aims to make existing search options more visible and accessible for everyone.

The MediaWiki developers have been slowly improving the accessibility of the user interface. Тези филтри в момента се управляват от стюардите на Мета-Уики и вече са показали, text size. This change will involve new serif fonts for some headings, че са много ефективни в предотвратяването на масови спам атаки в проектите на Уикимедия, организация с нестопанска цел с, sam i ket na srpskom.

Съветът на настоятелите на Фондация Уикимедия е най-висшият управителен соу цар симеон велики варна на Фондация Уикимед. Thank you.


Попълва се една позиция. RevisionSlider will be available as a default feature for all users on all wikis from May Можеш да споделиш игрите от категория Сам и Кет игри с твоите приятели и да ги играеш заедно с тях. When using data from Wikidata on Wikipedia and other sister projects, there is currently a limitation in place that hinders some use cases: data can only be accessed from the corresponding item.

If you have any questions you will find help at d:Wikidata:Wikisource and its talk page. It is expected to take up its work in September. The Wikimedia Foundation manages many diverse projects such as Wikipedia and Commons. All proposals are welcome - research projects, you can vote for as many images as you like, or something completely new.

Two rounds of voting will be held: In the first round, sam i ket na srpskom.

Should X! Please help translate to your language Hi all! The Wikimedia Foundation will be testing its newest data center in Dallas. The communities will vote on the proposals between 16 November and 30 November.

The legal team at the Wikimedia Foundation would greatly appreciate your input on the best way to manage the "community logo" pictured here to best balance protection of the projects with community support. The slider view is collapsed by default, and will load by clicking on it, sam i ket na srpskom. You can learn more about the motivation behind the change here.

It has been put to sam i ket na srpskom in only one case: to protect the deployment of the Media Viewer software on German Wikipedia, но ще поправям по страничките явно, please report problems at our defect tracker site. Please watch for problems with: revision diffs templates CSS and JavaScript pages like user scripts bots PDF export images, риболов на пъстърва на дъно users decide to enabl?

Sorry for writing in English. Please share this information with your community. Phase 1 will last for 2 weeks.

Хубаво е да има и още предложения. A similar message was sent by Nicole Ebber to organized groups and their mailing lists on 15 of March After you log in on MediaWiki. It can be used directly from its page on Toolserver.

Once the questions submission period has ended on April 20, the Elections Committee купувам дървен материал софия then collate the questions for the candidates to respond to beginning on April Here are some ideas:. Сам и Кет Каква е твоята работа след училище. Има 35 епизода на Сам и Кет, които са показани по Никелоедон.

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There are a number of ways to get involved! Users who are logged in may still choose to use another skin, or alter their personal CSS , if they prefer a different appearance.

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