Minecraft 112 texture packs 128x128

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Cargo Industrial 4x4 02 by dfurball Updated version of a standard 4x4 Industrial Cargo Building. Създадена от rik Създадена от bypass

Brush 4x4 Concrete. Създадена от Dex4. Captain Jack Sparrow would be proud! It is placed on the road side. Drosovilas Advanced Watertower. Click here for HD Textures Edition. A cart selling popcorn.

In general, something like this. Press T again when done to finish copying. The Little Red Cabin is a custom building for the lumberjack in you. It is part of a 4 piece set. L1 2x2 Finnish Type House Industrial crane prop.

Grols - Constr. This will shift them so they are easier to access The fictional headquarters of the Drakensberg Broadcasting Corporation.
  • Satelite Dish - White.
  • With this mod you can create lists of props, assets, trees and networks elements so that you can find them more easily than

Also added in a playground area, trees, benches, plants and a grill Club XXX. This tree is a living tree. Brush 12x12 Ruined. Campus Dorm. Създадена от stmSantana.

  • Baseball Stadium by OniDisco Level 6 unique building Stats: 4, polys 9, tris Diffuse, Specular and Illumination texture x I removed the normal texture as it as not really needed LOD model with x texture. Aloft Hotels is a North American hotel chain known for modern architecture design and style.
  • Part of "Victorian London", a se

Its head office is in Toronto, Ontario. Loads of people still play SC. Описание Дискусии 0 Коментари 0.

Growing my assets I found that I need some more fillers for the smaller lots. Hey guys!

Arrow Plaza - Growable 4x4 Lvl3 Office. This asset is 1 tile wide, and will grow on lots 2 tiles deep or deeper. Brooklyn shop 2 - L1 - 2x3. Cottage Outhouse.

Brush 1x1 Concrete. Industrial Carpark? It has at least four stories of cabins, plus amenities and utilities for the passengers. Dock segment wide flat short.

American "" : The Cossutta Building. SHELL gas station growable.

Tower block now with night-light tris. Forestry College. Best for high-rise buildings. Създадена от Kebab.

From an angle, the Brooklyn corner 12 - L4 - 2x3. James Cameron. Brush 1x1 Agri Round. These are growable buildings that will be added during RCI zoning. Aloe Vera Plant Triangles Please help me in making more assets? Main Model with specular, diffuse and colormask ; LOD with spec.

This will definitely look like a bush. Създадена от Cristolisto. Don Kitten.

Създадена от 8bitwonder. Its head office is in Toronto, Ontario. Marshmallow Man. Създадена от Crux Magic.

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If you want to have cute little boats in your canals, make sure to subscribe to this asset. Linc Enterprise by Cpt.

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