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Theres no wanna be, pop boy band that can compare. You have every right to dislike him, but voice your dislike with reason. Btw, I like both.

Omg these people that are obsessed with one direction. Since when did homosexual males ever deserve rights or opinions? She has the perfect voice for it.

Shut the fuck up. In correct terms, you are indeed a country. I just happen to be a fan of their music and their story.

Adrii bae 2 роки тому lol yeah. I would never compare. Basically, she needs to be real and it has to come straight from the heart. Jessica 3 роки тому i agreeeee!!. Btw. Mac Miller. The world would be boring if everyone liked the same music.

Juicy J. Kali Uchis. Men, women, kids, etc.


One Direction? Not supposed to be argued over. Loui5 2 роки тому well i am but my english is very good mate.

Katy Vazquez 2 роки тому Vice Admiral Strawberry me too. You are so stupid. Ariana Grande Official Audio. There is a different.

  • If you insult them in the slightest bit, the 13 year old girls will literally eat you alive. One Direction and Maroon 5 have by no means the same style of music!
  • No gimmicks. Mac Miller - Dang!

Toke forever, charlie puth how long скачать. Nothing more to say. People have different taste in music. Basically, she needs to be real and it has to come straight from the heart. Marroon 5 is way more better.

Yup Edoodle 3 роки тому so true her voice suites this style. Big Sean - Best Mistake Lyrics. Deal with it.

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It would flop. You on the other hand, attacked a person with ignorant assumptions and I love nothing more than correcting people and putting bitches in their place. I think everyone should know that everyone has their own opinion by now. It is music.

GOLF BABY 3 роки тому right chance was never signed he decided to release independant and his mixtape sold for free like a album and he still made money off of it? Cardi B Official Music Video. Share on Facebook. Ariana Grande ft. No BIT.

Актуални MP3 тази седмица!

But saying there better than maroon5 is toooooo far. Ariana Grande ft. Once again, Opinions. M5 was very good when they first started but now

You need to re-evaluate charlie puth how long скачать life because honestly they are nothing alike. M5 was very good when they first started but now Rip maclegends never die. Masha S. Catherine Spinella 3 роки тому Izaiah Smith I want her to make a jazz album.

Selena Gomez [Official Video]. Just little boys, with only tweens as their fans. Mel 3 роки тому Ikr. Get a fucking life. Did they pull down their pants for you.

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One Direction? Estelle - American Boy [Feat. Make one friend, their male friends will most likely reject you on contact.

Realised the dangers of leaving a reply here. TDF Watch the music video for "Dang. I like Maroon 5 for a different reason?

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Amauri Torres 3 роки тому i love to suffer Not necessarily,it just has to be quality music.

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Mac Miller - My Favorite Part feat.

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